UK Digident – CAD / CAM Dental Milling

Outstanding, Consistent Quality with quicker Lead Times with our in-house UK Digident service, the Future of Dentistry!

CAD / CAM dental dentistry is the future of dentistry. The end result is extremely high and consistent quality and precision that is passed on to your patients. Call us on 0121 427 1100 to find out more about our UK Digident service.

Zenotec Select- Precise. Compact. Versatile

We use the revolutionary Wieland Dental ZENOTEC select compact CNC milling system. Please download the tech brochure clicking the link to your right.

View Zenotec Select Brochure

3shape – 3d Digital Technology

The design and manufacturing results achieved through digital data are extremely accurate, reliably giving perfect fits and aesthetic results for the end-customer – ensuring that they happily return for more business.


3D scanning and CAD/CAM technologies are revolutionizing industries by enabling the merger of mass production and individual customization into fast, cost-efficient workflows.

Adaptation of digital methods is increasingly defining and driving the success of all types of businesses, and the companies that move to meet this challenge will be the companies that grow.

Call our friendly team on 0121 427 1100 to find out more!