We have many years of experience in creating beautifully crafted dental bridges and crowns; our team of highly skilled technicians uses every ounce of their technical and creative ability to create the finest quality crowns and bridges and we use only the finest materials.

We constantly evaluate and review the materials and equipment we use to ensure that we provide the best possible service for dentists and patients.

You can trust UK Dental Laboratories to provide your patients with crowns and bridges that provide optimum aesthetics and functionality. We use a range of different products and are always looking to expand to allow our clients access to new innovations and market-leading products; our current range includes E.max Press, Zirconia, Lava Zirconia, Gradia and Procera.

We are a full service laboratory and are therefore happy to provide crown and bridge production; we offer precision attachments and chrome cobalt dentures.

Our crown and dental bridge department works closely with patients and dentists to create a personalised treatment plan in order to achieve the best possible results.